Culinary Lab 11

This week in lab we worked with some different types of red meats.  We cooked with hanger steak, choppedmeat for hamburgers, and also worked with pork lion.  In lab me and my parent were asked to make meat loaf with some of the chopped meat we had.  The recipe was very simple and easy to put together.  We also grilled and seared with the hanger steak which came out amazing after it was cooked.  For the pork, we pounded out and then breaded with panko and pan fried it to make pork schnitzel.  We also got to work wit ribs that we seasoned and then cooked off.  And for a side we made mashed potatoes wit red new potatoes.  I was excited that i was asked to make the meat loaf because it reminded me of being back at home and making meat loaf every time we served it for dinner.

Culinary Lab 10

This week in culinary lab we worked with making salad and soups.  When we worked with the salad we mianly touched up on our cutting skills with all the toppings for the salad.  I was asked by my chef to make pickled celery  which i had never heard of before that so i was interested to see how it would come out.  After i finished making that i got to try it and not that i made it wrong but i just did not care to eat it after trying it.  Then my lab partner and i were asked to make split pea puree which consists of a puree of starchy ingriendents.  We also got the chance to poach and grill salmon, which i was very happy about because of my love for salmon.

culinary lab 9

This week in lab we worked with flat fish. through my experience of cooking with fish, I learned various skills.  Such as cutting, and even some anatomy of the fish.  The fish that was handed to us was flounder, to be honest im more of a round fish fan which plays into the part of my obsession with salmon.  We were asked to clean and cut the flat fish into its four fillets.  For the first time i got to see and touch the roe sack of a fish not that it was appealing in anyway but its was something new to me so it interesting to see.  Even though we cut out the roe we didnt use it to cook with.  We also worked with cooking shrimp and scallops.  We made dishs with using different techniques of cooking with the seafood this past week.

Culinary Lab 6

Today in culinary lab we worked with with and the different methods of cooking it.  The first thing we did was clean a whole chicken which really means cutting it into the different pieces of the chicken.  We also trusted the chicken which is taking it by the whole and tying it together with the legs and wings by using a string.  While i had to cut the chicken everything was going fine and then when it came to cutting off the thighs and the wings i had a c ouple problems.  I had trouble cutting the bone with the end of my knife blade because the knife would slip out of place and after trying to break it after a while i ended up cutting my finger.  But i enjoyed making and eating the chiken tenders because first it definitely was the easiest thing to cut from the chicken and quick thing to make.  We also made chiken wings and sauteed one of the chicken thighs which also came out great!

culinary lab 4

this week in culinary lab we were cooking with different types of grains and starches.  we also got to made pasta out of scratch and that was a lot of fun and might have been the best thing i made that day.  after we made the pasta dough which i wasnt very successful at and i had to use someone else’s dough. i used the pasta machine to flatten the dough then used the cutter part to make it into spagetti then cooked it in water for 2-3mins  aslo with some oil, then took the sauce that was made and put that on top of the cooked pasta. i honestly thought the pasta tasted really great and i cant wait to show my family how easy it is and very efficent because with homemade pasta it only takes a couple minutes to cook instead of hard pasta that takes a half hour to cook.  we also made snitzel, and gocchi with potato and flour, this was all very new to me.  we made barley pilaf with barley instead of rice which i managed to seriously ess up with but then my chef actually helped me make rice cakes with my mistake to show me that you can be creative and make something out that. then we made risotto with aborio which is a short italian grain and aslo added parmesan whcih was really tasty.  i enjoyed cooking with this weeks topic.

culinary lab 3

this week in lab was very enjoyable for me.  even though we got to learn some techniques on how to correctly cook what we made i enojyed amking it.  this week we got to cook a whole spread of breakfast food.   one thing that i got to learn that i had no knowledge on was eggs benedict.  this was of one that foods that had more of a process to make and i got the chance to poach my first egg which is a very interesting site to see while the egg cooked int he boiling water.  part of that dish was to make the hollandaise sauce which i wasnt that successful making the first time but my chef came to me to help me do it right the second time.  even though it did come out right the second time i cnat say that i was a fan of its taste.  we also got to make omelets but it was a little different, it was the french style whcih is more like a crepe and that was fun to make to.

culinary lab2

okay, i made it through my second lab hahaha.  the second time around was a lot of fun, this time we got the chance to watch the chef show us quick and simple instructions of what we were about to do.  this time around im pretty sure that we coved 1/4 of the things you can make with potatoes.  we had the chance to make some sort of roasted/ sauteed potatoes with the tourne cuts which was fun seeing how im not a fan of the tourne cuts.  but i really enjoyed makin the potato croquettes because it reminded me of when i was cooking in my tech school before i came to delhi.  something that i enjoyed learning was how you can make home fries out of a special cutter and after we made them we cooked them and they tasted really good! so that one thing i would go home and show my family how to do because it was a qucik and easy process.

first lab

The first lab of culinary arts went well.  I have to say though i wasnt a fan of having to do a classic cut of the tourne out of a potato, but it was also my first time learning it so i shouldnt have expected to do really well.  I hope that after learning that cut even though i didnt come out the way i wanted it to that i keep working on it with other foods in the future labs.  So far im enjoying myself in the class and i like that i have a teacher that is very lively and makes the class funny seeing how it starts at 8 in the morning and im not a morning person to begin with.

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